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How to Build Your Own Online Social Network

Building social networks is an ultra cheap way to plug into people and organizations. Social networks can be extremely profitable for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to explode their contact base. If you're not on Facebook or Myspace, then you're behind the times, remember Google is afraid of Facebook for that very same reason, they do not desire to be left behind. The social networks you can build acts as a customer relationship management tool that's down right essential for today's companies selling products and services. Several companies use social networks for various advertising in form of banners and text ads. Most businesses operate internationally which gives people with adequate social networks contacts around the world that they can easily reach with a touch of a mouse click. There are many people who just use social networks for fun and friend making or hanging out with the "cool people". People who build and maintain a strong social network are usually the ones that make a boat load of cash money compared to the average Joe. An average of two out of there people residing in the United States visit social networking sites to build up their social networks. Social network building can be vital for personal and financial reasons. Whether you are looking forward to building a new lasting friendship or expanding your customer base social network sites get the ball rolling.

The fastest and most popular way to build your social network is by joining social networking services, websites, and communities. These networking platforms will help you build your social network easily. Social networking sites and services allow you for free to interact with other people with the same interests as you. There are even some social networking sites with the main goal of connecting business minded people. You can find old classmates, co-workers, or old lost friends on social networking sites adding them to your social network as you go. The best way to build up your social network is to not be shy. This can be hard for some people because they are usually the "wall flowers at the prom dance" when it comes to meeting new people. Interaction is the key to networking. You have to really put yourself out there and make the first move, introduction, email, post, or message. Don't be afraid to talk, debate, and connect with people that are why you are on the social networking site. It is also key to be persistent. Always stay active on those types of sites and services. You never know when you might find or miss an opportunity.

So, check the sites or services that you have joined over time. Stay on top of things. Another great way to build up your social network is find out what's the best type of social networking sites suits your needs. If you really want to build up your social network join more than one social networking community. Join as many of them that fit your desired need. Participation is another way to build your social network. Participate in local groups, discussions, chats, message boards, blogs, and comments. The more you participate the more likely you are to connect with other individuals and start sharing useful information with each other. If you stay persevering with your social networking sites you will build your social network into a strong group of contacts, and make a king's ransom in the process.
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Best Spring and Summer Outdoor Party Ideas Fanciful

The spring and summer months make party planning easy. In most cases, you can have the party outdoors. This gives you more space for kids to run and play. An outdoor party lessens the amount of clean up required after the party is over. There's less stress and concern over food and drinks being spilled inside. But, perhaps the best thing about having a party in spring and summer is the variety of outdoor games the children can enjoy.

Outdoor games for children ages 2 to 5 should be kept simple and be designed so that they are more fun than competitive. Group activities are ideal. One popular game for young children is referred to as the parachute game. This game might require a little assistance from some of the adults at the party but it provides lots of fun for the children. The only equipment needed is a bed sheet and a few energetic people to wave the "parachute". Games involving water are a big hit at a summer party. Fishing for a prize in a kid's swimming pool is just one of many water related games young children enjoy. Some games such as pin the tail on the donkey and breaking a Pinatas never lose popularity. You could arrange a treasure hunt in a sandbox.

Older children would enjoy a scavenger hunt in your yard. More competitive games such as bean bag bingo, horseshoes, badminton, volley ball, or numerous other games would be enjoyable at a summer party.

Tweens and teens would enjoy a patio party with music and decorations from their generation or from previous generations. A luau might also be fun for them.

Summertime gives you the opportunity to prepare party food on the grill. It's also a good time for a watermelon or ice cream party.

If you don't have a suitable outdoor space for a child's birthday party, the warmer months are a good time to plan a party at a local park or pool. Some restaurants have an outdoor space suitable for having a child's birthday party. You will need to reserve the space ahead of time and be sure to indicate the location on the invitations. Choosing a place that has playground equipment will provide a way to keep the children happily entertained during the party.

Older children might enjoy a cookout in the park with some beach music and competitive games. You might want to reserve a time slot at a miniature golf course for a teenager's party.
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Pinata USA

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The Middle School Brain: Yes, There Is One!

Being a middle school teacher resources holds special challenges in terms of management.

Teaching middle school is not for sissies! I sometimes hear teachers brag "I never have any

discipline issues in my room." When I hear that, I know for sure that I'm not talking to a

middle school teacher. It's not that it's impossible to get middle school kids to behave. It

just takes much more energy and stamina than it does in most high school classes. One reason

is that their brains are not developed enough to help them control their own dumb behaviors.

Patience is the #1 virtue when working with this age group. Their brains are crammed with too

many synapses and connections that they don't know how to adequately process. The immaturity

of their thinking can quickly become tiresome. Drawing a penis and testicles is seen as

hysterical and there's no way to win when discussing Uranus- no matter how you pronounce it.

Boys show their interest in girls by throwing pencils at them or pushing them. Girls gossip

about another girl nearby by whispering in each other's ears while looking directly at the

poor victim. Spitwads appear on your white board. Kids all drop their books at the same time.

It's exhausting just to watch, but since it's going on while you're trying to teach you have

to constantly redirect their focus. But how? Here are some helpful suggestions:

Dishonesty: It's common at this age to hear, "I didn't do that. You always pick on me." Or, "I

didn't copy off Susie. She copied off me." The benefit of this age group is that in most

cases, they're poor liars, and it doesn't take too much to get them to tell the truth in most

situations just by talking with them.

Class Disruptions: These kids sometimes love to create disruption in the classroom. Their

brains are very intrigued by, "I wonder what would happen if I...." It's not usually

malicious, just stupid. You can't control what they throw at you but you always control how

you respond to what they do. If you don't respond in an entertaining way, they'll lose

interest. So what type of reaction should you show?

Your reaction needs to be as small as possible. The less the activity disrupts your

instruction the less fun it is.
Stay calm and speak in a calm voice.
Take action quickly and decisively. NOTE: Your action might even be stating that you don't

want to take action right now but you will meet with the person directly after class.
Continue the lesson as quickly and smoothly as possible.
Pranks and practical jokes: Of course,April Fools is never a fun day for middle school

teachers, but this kind of behavior is very typical for this age group throughout the year.

Accept it. Many times you can ignore it. Dangerous or mean pranks, however, must be dealt with

immediately. For example: Johnny pulls Jim's chair out from under him. These behaviors can be

seriously dangerous and you can bet that if Jim cracks his head, the parents won't be suing

Johnny. They'll come looking for you. Explain the first day and frequently thereafter what

constitutes respectful behavior. Be specific. Create several classroom situations and have the

class determine if the behavior in the situation is acceptable or unacceptable and talk about

why. You will have to continue to emphasize this the entire year. It's tedious but necessary.

Noises: Oh, my! They drag their shoes to make them squeak. They open and close their desk lid

or a door over and over. And somewhere around the age of 10, kids discover they can make

incredible sounds using various parts of their bodies. This never seems to get old for them,

and is consistently rewarded with giggles. from their peers. You need to be firm about noises,

because they will absolutely drive you crazy with this if you don't. However, downplay it as

much as possible (see the suggestions above.)

It's very difficult to determine which kid just belched so it has to be a class behavior

discussion. This line usually worked for me. "I appreciate that you've learned a new skill but

please refrain from practicing it during class." If it continues, you may have to resort to

"This half of the room will have to stay after class until we identify the musician." Usually

the offender will stop at this point. If this still continues to be a problem, move kids

around on the seating chart. This may help isolate the little whipper. If you stay calm and

don't let this be a trigger button for you, if will settle down to just an occasional hassle.

One crucial concept to keep in mind is never demean or tell them how juvenile or stupid their

behavior is. Even if they are acting like 3-year-olds, don't say it out loud. They are very

touchy and this will almost certainly make matters worse.

This is just the beginning of my discussion of the Middle School Brain. Check out my next

article "The Middle School Brain: Why Are Boogers So Funny?"

Barbara is a professional speaker, seminar/workshop presenter and staff development trainer

with 32 years of classroom experience.

Her book, A Teacher's Book of 10s: Best ways to Do Everything in Your Classroom, will be

published in the summer of 2011.

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middle school teacher resources online

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Antique Onan Diesel Generators for various purposes

Most antique Onan diesel generator set was used in mining sites because they can power low voltage lighting which ran from a 12 volt battery that is mounted on the set. They provide a direct current set generating 14 volts and have an electric start. The good thing about Onan diesel generators, even though these generator sets have not been used for a long time, is that they still work fine. An example is the 1939 Onan Powerlite generator that was marketed by Montgomery Wards.

Onan creates different kinds of power generator sets for various purposes. These include home, and portable power generators, but with the antique generator sets, you will most likely find them from online private retailers.

Although antique Onan generators are of high quality, you still need to check its field windings. The field winding is virtually supplied via a switch and charge ignition, which is why at times the generator is on but there's no electric influx.

You should check if the field windings are wired in parallel with the armature or generator set output. Typically, there is a series of rheostat with the shunt field to regulate the power the antique generator set puts out.

As with modern types, Onan offers standby home power generators with 11 kw, 15 kw, and 20 kw power units that run on diesel that can be used for various purposes. Onan diesel generators offer various power ratings and easy management. With different types including extra quiet models with up to 4 kw of power to other types up to 7 kw of power, an installed power generator for smaller sets, and special features like energy command panels for easy facilitation of electrical consumption.

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